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Recoup lawyers specialize in corporate law (corporate litigation), restructuring (distressed M&A) and insolvency advice. We are also frequently appointed by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in investigation procedures and by the District Court in insolvency proceedings. The firm has special expertise in achieving compensation for creditors.
W.J.B. (Willem) van Nielen
W.J.B. (Willem) van NielenAttorney-at-law / Partner
Willem van Nielen has more than twenty five years of experience in the transaction and insolvency practice. As a trustee and attorney-at-law, Willem works together with the Ministry of Justice, the FIOD (The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service) and the tax authorities to combat bankruptcy fraud. He is co-founder of ‘The Fraud Consultancy’ and the ‘Bankruptcy Fraud Platform’. He also publishes and teaches about these topics.
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G.G. (Gosse) Boeve
G.G. (Gosse) BoeveAttorney-at-law
Boeve has more than 10 years of experience in civil proceedings, the insolvency practice and as a trustee. Boeve advises clients such as financial institutions, companies and entrepreneurs faced with financial difficulties.
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L. (Lilian) Veldkamp
L. (Lilian) VeldkampAttorney-at-law
Lilian graduated from the Radboud University in two specializations: civil law and corporate law. Lilian has been working at Recoup advocaten in the litigation and insolvency practice since 2019.
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R. H. H. (Ramon) Vastmans
R. H. H. (Ramon) VastmansAttorney-at-law
Ramon is a corporate lawyer with broad experience in the insolvency practice and in handling transactions, as well as advising and litigating in shareholder disputes, commercial contracts, and corporate governance issues. Ramon has a particular affinity for cross-border matters, where he enjoys putting his international experience to use. Ramon completed a master’s degree in Corporate & Commercial Law at the Pennsylvania State University in addition to his degrees in Dutch Law (obtained from Maastricht University and Radboud University).
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S.H. (Rick) van Erk
S.H. (Rick) van ErkAttorney-at-law / Partner
As an attorney-at-law and a trustee Rick van Erk has more than twenty five years of experience in the litigation and insolvency practice. Together with Willem van Nielen, Rick developed a plan for an effective approach to combat fraud. Rick is a reliable partner who advises companies when they are faced with financial difficulties and litigates in complex cases.
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F. (Ferry) Ortiz Aldana
F. (Ferry) Ortiz AldanaAttorney-at-law / Partner
As an attorney-at-law and a trustee Ferry Ortiz Aldana has nine years of experience in the litigation and insolvency practice. He is specialized in (complex) bankruptcy fraud and has affinity with litigating before the Enterprise Chamber. Ferry is also an external PhD candidate at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where he researches the disadvantage of creditors.
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M.C.G. (Myrthe) Derksen
M.C.G. (Myrthe) DerksenAttorney-at-law
Myrthe has been working as an attorney-at-law at Recoup advocaten in the litigation and insolvency practice since 2021. Myrthe has strong analytical skills and a proactive approach. Myrthe also has the ambition to be involved in the publication of scientific articles on, among other things, the role of administrators and the company at The Dutch Scheme (WHOA).
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In the past 20 years Recoup built a reliable network. In case of fraud investigation Recoup works together with specialist forensic accountants and experienced business advisors in restructuring.

In an international context Recoup has access to a broad network of international experts, such as professors, foreign solicitors and trustees.