The lawyers at Recoup regularly advise in matters regarding insolvency, for example directors’ and officers’ liability, the actio pauliana, the right of setoff and the right of recourse. The lawyers at Recoup have developed their own approach, aimed specifically at obtaining maximum result, without lengthy legal proceedings. If required, they will conduct legal proceedings against frauds or facilitators of fraud. These proceedings are aimed at financial compensation and director disqualification and/or disqualification from other professions.

Furthermore, Recoup advises in shareholder disputes and, if necessary, conducts legal proceedings in front of the Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. In addition, the Enterprise Court regularly appoints Recoup as investigator, interim director or manager of company shares in ongoing proceedings. The companies involved within these proceedings are generally in financial distress, in which case the lawyers at Recoup apply a solution-oriented approach to the situation at hand.