The attorneys-at-law of Recoup have more than 20 years of experience in guiding merges and acquisitions, and bankruptcies. With their experience they are reliable partners who advice companies in financial distress. In order to prevent bankruptcy they often advise on (re)financing, takeovers and creditor agreements.

If bankruptcy is inevitable, they can advise on restart and if possible pre-packed. The guidance is aimed at a fast and successful restart, which requires thorough preparation.

The specialists of Recoup also keep a keen eye on whether or not the (future) trustee makes unjustified accusations against directors of the company. If accusations are to be made, these will be explained and solved with the trustee. This requires solid preparation and careful and open communication with the trustee based on trust. This approach is inspired by the fact that Recoup itself acts as a critical trustee and maintains good contact with fellow trustees.