Recoup lawyers have extensive experience advising in (distressed) mergers and acquisitions, and appointments as bankruptcy trustee in the winding up of businesses. Based on this experience, we have developed as reliable partners in guiding companies in distress. We advise and negotiate on (re) financing, takeover, and creditor agreements, often to prevent bankruptcy. In addition, the lawyers at Recoup can be appointed as restructuring experts under the Dutch scheme (WHOA).

When bankruptcy is inevitable, a so-called restart or turnaround in bankruptcy may be possible. Our guidance is aimed at a quick and successful restart or turnaround, which requires diligent preparation. Our lawyers also pay close attention to prevent the bankruptcy trustee from unjustly accusing the manager, shareholders or supervisors of the company of wrongdoing.

When such accusations are made, we are able to defend and explain past conduct of stakeholders and resolve the matter with the trustee. In-depth preparation and careful and open communication with the trustee is paramount, and depends on trust. This approach is made possible by the fact that our lawyers are themselves appointed as trustee in bankruptcies and maintain good working relationships with fellow trustees.