Fraud consultancy

Together with the Hague fraud officer and the Hague chairman of the insolvency division, Willem van Nielen started the ‘Fraud Consultancy’ in 2012. Willem is the fraud trustee for the central court district (Utrecht). In this district Willem is also involved in fraud consultancy.

During the consultancy, trustees can ask questions to a panel as to what they presume to be fraud. The panel is comprised of a fraud officer, the delegated judge, the FIOD, the tax authorities and an experienced fraud trustee.

Given the success of these consults, these consults are implemented on a national level.

In recent years, the Minister for Security and Justice referred to the fraud consultancy as a successful project of which the development should be promoted.
The bankruptcy fraud platform is used for the continued development of the fraud consultancy. In October 2016, the platform organized the National Fraud Consultancy Day together with Recofa, the FIOD, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the tax authorities. The National Day was attended by 60 panel members from all districts.

More information is available at the website